Sunday, March 30, 2008

A New Day, A New Tooth, A New Business

It is a new day and I am doing better. Thank you to all of our family and friends for all of your kind words and thoughts during the loss of Roxzee. I really appreciate it!

Friday morning Nick noticed Brooklynn is getting her first tooth! It is the bottom front right tooth; it is starting to break through! How exciting!

Friday evening Nick took me to Petland just to look and......we ALMOST ended up with a Puggle puppy! OMG! ( a puggle is a mix between a pug and a beagle, very cute!) I even negotiated $200 off the puppy. She was adorable. But after taking a walk over to Bed Bath and Beyond our spontaneous purchase of a puppy didn't seem like the best thing to do right now. We decided we will wait until we are in a bigger house and Brooklynn is at least 6 so that she can have the excitement of getting a puppy. (What little kid doesn't want a puppy?)

So I figured since I didn't add caring and training a new puppy to my plate why not try to start a small business. Well not really. After making numerous photo slide shows (which I love doing), many people have asked why don't I start doing it as a little side job. After thinking about it today in the shower and discovering Craig’s List, I thought what the heck why not. So I created an email account and placed an ad on Craig’s List to see if I get any bites. If I get any hits then great, extra money is always good.

Here is my ad ---> Custom Photo Slide Show Ad **fingers crossed**

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bye Roxzee

It is done. Roxzee is gone. I am NOT ok. She ran into the vet so excited just to be out, little did she know what was coming. I thanked her for being such a GREAT dog and told her that I loved her and that I was sorry she got sick. I dreamt last night that when they went to give her the medicine to make her pass away, no matter how much they gave her she stayed a live. She went peacefully, they gave her a sedative first which made her fall asleep and then the next shot, with in a few seconds she took her last breath. I already miss her and want her for just one more day, one more walk, one more anything.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Magazines Beware

This is what happened when we let Brooklynn look at Grandma's Star magazine.... Her hands were black and she had a BLAST!
If you know of anyone who is looking to buy a car - we are selling Nick's civic. Click Here ---> 1999 Civic
PS. Roxzee is getting put to sleep tomorrow, Thrusday. The appointment is for 4:45pm. Very unsettling to actually know the date and time that she will pass away. I am not sure if I agree with euthanasia. All I know is tomorrow is going to be ONE SUCKY DAY!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hoppy Belated Easter

Before going to bed Sunday night Nick reminded me that we did not “make” Brooklynn an Easter basket and get pictures. Now I feel horrible! I do not know how it slipped my mind. I bought her an electronic ball that moves and she can crawl after and gave it to her for Easter. So now I am thinking that I should make her an Easter basket so I can take pictures for her scrapbook page and photo album. I also didn’t even think to take her to get her picture with the Easter Bunny at the mall. Oh Boy! Our Easter was nice. It started with 8:15 am Easter service at our church and then to my mom’s for brunch with my mom’s family, next out to Pewaukee to be with my Dad’s family, then back to Oak Creek to be with Nick’s family. Our final stop before we went home was to pick up Casper. Our day started us leaving the house at 7:45am and ending when we got home at 10pm. All three of us had a great time but were all very tired. Brooklynn did great like always – she took a 20 minute nap on me during church and then two 30 minute naps when we were in the car. She was a very good baby with only 1.5 hours of rest all day!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Want a Monkey Baby?

I was clipping coupons and came across this ad. I started laughing, would somebody actually buy this? I love how the ad makes it sound like this monkey is a live. WEIRD!

My Rox

Roxzee is my 12 year old rot. She lives with my Mom and Dad. We got her when I was 12. I begged and begged my Dad for a Rot. I wanted one so bad. I made a rot picture collage with all the pics of Rot's that I could find in my Dog Fancy magazine (yes, I had a subscription to Dog Fancy) and had it in my room. Every time my Dad would drive me to confirmation class I would start this entire conversation with him that we should get a Rot for me to run with and name it Mitch. So finally we found an ad in the paper for rot puppies and took my Mom to "just look" at them and we came home with Roxzee, we didn't even name her Mitch. She was such a good puppy and still is such a good dog. My Dad wanted her to go through obedience classes and I got to be the one to do it. She became my jogging buddy, I even tried riding my bike with her but she pulled me through the neighbor’s yards every time. Anywhere you are Rox is. She loves people and attention. She is the MOST loving dog and loves her "babies" (those dog stuffed animals). Well poor Rox isn't doing to well - she is having a hard time walking and getting around. We took her in and turns out she has 3 really bad knees, they think she may have a bone cancer tumor on one. Needless to say the prognosis isn't good and there really isn't anything that they can do for her. They gave her steroids and morphine to help her be comfortable. The vet thinks we should spoil her like heck this weekend and take her in next week to put her to sleep. ACk! Double Ack! So, I being the eternal optimist think by some miracle she can at least make it another summer with this medicine. The vet says at most she might be in not such horrible pain for at most a month if we are lucky. So I am snuggling her to death and giving her lots and lots of treats. It just doesn't feel right to put her down when she is ok other than not being able to get around. It sucks seeing her struggle to get up, I know but I am selfish and want her forever. So I have been pretty sad and crying on and off this weekend. For those dog lovers out there - you understand they are your family too. I put together a movie for Roxzee at 3 am when I couldn't sleep, enjoy!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Water Park Pooloza!

We had such a blast at Country Springs this past weekend. Brooklynn loved the water and was splashing away like crazy. She even got brave when we were in the pool and stuck her entire face in the water! She startled herself and had water coming out of her nose and mouth – but was such a trooper and didn’t cry. After that she wasn’t as gutsy in the water but still didn’t mind getting water in her face when she was splashing like crazy. We took her down the baby slide on our lap, we think she liked it. Nick also was able to take her down the “bigger” slide in the baby area. One thing I discovered this weekend was that those little swimmer diapers ( I bought the pampers splashers) – really do NOT hold in pee. Let’s just say I got peed on once in the water and twice when we were drying off and my Mom got peed on once. As my Dad brought to my attention those diapers don’t absorb water that is why they don’t swell up when they get in the water – I think they are only meant to hold in number two! Enjoy our water pictures.

Monday, March 10, 2008

8 Month Pictures

I had too much fun with Brooklynn today. We did her 8 month pictures and she was such a great little model. She wore her Easter dress and had a flower barrette in her hair. I think these are the best pictures yet! I uploaded a bunch to Flickr (It was too hard to pick).

We had a very exciting and eventful weekend. Friday Booklynn went on her first outing with Daddy to run some errands while I worked. They came home with another Disney Princess item for her "Big Girl" room - a princess throw pillow. (Her Daddy doesn't spoil her...) The Friday night we went to Prime Quarter with my family and Grandparents W. to celebrate Grandma's B'Day! ( Happy Birthday GM!) Saturday we headed out to Pewaukee to visit with my Dad's family and Brooklynn was able to play with all of her 2nd cousins. Sunday we went to Janesville to celebrate Colton's (her 2nd cousin) Baptism. Congrats! So needless to say when we were back to our normal routine daily grind today I can't help but feel like Brooklynn was bored. Oh yes, and Nick named Brooklynn's doll, Kylie. He named it that becaise I really like that name if we were to have another girl and he doesn't. So now he says we can't use the name because that is her doll's name. Ha - yeah right!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Always Something...

Yes – sad news. Nick’s 98 civic has just about kicked the bucket. We are both heart broken. Looks like we will get what we can for it and part ways.

On a happier note we have been having lots of fun with Brooklynn now that she and I are feeling better. We took her to the car show and she had a BLAST! I swear she behaves better when we are out and about at different places, she gets stir crazy and bored here at home. She loved sitting in all the cars and banging on the steering wheels. I think she is going to like cars just like her Daddy and me. I have uploaded new pictures to Flickr (it’s about time!)

Can you believe Brooklynn is 8 months! Yikes! She is starting to army crawl forward when she really wants something and rolling all over the place. It’s baby proof time!