Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Brooklynn has been wearing these princess sunglassess that she got from us for Christmas. I call her my little movie star! Too funny!

Hope everyone has a great New Year. We are headed up to my parent's lake house in Menasha. We will be four wheeling on Lake Winnebago over the next couple of days. Nick is so excited.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Yes, we got Brooklynn's ears pierced! She did great! She cried when they did it, but once it was all over she hasn't fussed about them once. If you ask her where her pretty earrings are she proudly points to them. My fingers are crossed that she doesn't have an allergy to them. So far so good! Here is a picture of her with her earrings while she was taking a bath. Look at how long her hair is getting!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa came to Town

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Christmas was a blast! Brooklynn was so fun & loved opening her gifts! I am so mad - I set up the video but forgot to get my camera Xmas morning. I don't have any pictures from our Xmas morning. It was a wonderful couple of days. I am going to spend the weekend organizing all of brooklynn's new toys! I will post some pictures that I do have later. Hope everyone had a joyous holiday!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Very Own.....

Cookie Monster

Christmas Angel

Friday, December 12, 2008

Santa from a distance

Today we took Brooklynn to see Santa. We have been talking about this all week with her. She seemed exctied about it. Even when we got there she was saying Hi to Santa and telling him "Ho, Ho, HO" However once it was her turn to sit on his lap she became glued to my side. We tried prying her off me and set her on his lap for a second and then the tears came. Nick ended up holding her on his knee in frot of him. I guess I should have known she wasn't going to like it - what do you expect from a 17 month old.

The Tradition Continues....

When I was younger at our old house every year we painted a Christmas picture on our front picture window. We did this because it was something that my Dad did with his family when he was a child. I decided to start the tradition this year. My Dad and Mom helped Nick and I. It looks really cute and was a lot of fun. Brooklynn loves it - she keeps telling my "GaGa & PaPa on" pointing at it. I think that is her way of reminding me that they helped.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

December Already?

I did it! I went out of town overnight for work. It was my first night away from Brooklynn and Nick's first night by himself with her. The hardest part was leaving but once I was gone it was fine. I did miss her tons - but it was a nice break.Nick did great and Brooklynn did fine - she was very excited to see me the next day.

Tonight we are painting our front window and then I can set up my village. I am a little worried that my village may not beable to stay up. Brooklnn is so tall now that she can reach everything on the bow window. She has been really good about not touching the tree maybe she won't touch my village - fingers crossed!

Enjoy the few pictures of Brooklynn one is her a mess while eating cottage cheese that she loves, another pic is her in her tutu that she wears around the house now (LOL - GIRLS!), and the other pic my Grandpa took when were visiting them.