Friday, August 6, 2010

My Children

My Children
You are the joy of my life.
You are the smile of my soul.
You are the purist of Love.
More than you will ever know.
You are my blessing from God.
You are my gift from above.
You are my proof of Him.
You are His Grace and Love.
By: Ruchell

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Love this new J&J Bath Line

J&J have a great natural line. We LOVE it! It is WAY cheaper than the other natural products and Brooklynn's itchy sensitive skin is the best it has ever been! Thank you Johnson & Johnson for getting it right!! For more info Click Here.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sickness and Great Deal!

Yes, all of us got colds. Brooklynn is finally getting over hers. Thank goodness. Rocco is in the middle of it - poor guy all stuffed up and has a fever. Of course he is still a perfect baby smiling and talking away like the trooper he is. I got nailed with an awful sore throat and migraine. Yes MIGRAINE - that made me miss the Bachelorette After the final rose show (Thank Goodness for DVR!) because I was upchucking in the bathroom. Roberto - what a hottie! Hope they make it! Nick luckily didn't get it too bad at all!

Very excited about the great deal I just got at Walgreens. They have a coupon for 15 -20% off. Click Here. I just got 15% off everything I bought. Even diapers! They have a deal right now on pampers when you buy $25 worth you get $5 in register rewards. SWEET! Oh and Swedish fish are on sale too. Brookie will be so excited she loves them - she pretends she is a penguin eating her fish. LOL

Other neat thing I found a FREE Pampered Chef cookbook download. Thanks Thrifty Mom! Check it out HERE.