Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby Bear, Baby Bear

Here is Brooklynn reading her new favorite book. By memory of course :-)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Visiting Santa

We took Brooklynn to see Santa today. She did very well. We couldn't get her to sit on his lap but she did sit next to him on his big chair. She told him she has been a good girl and would like a rocking horse. Her picture turned out super cute and way better than last year.

It's A BOY!!!!

We are so happy to announce that we found out we are having a BOY! We feel so over joyed and blessed. We cannot wait to meet our little man. Brooklynn is very excited that she is going to have a baby brother. She keeps kissing the ultrasound pictures. She always kisses my belly and talks to the baby. So cute!!! The little man was sucking his thumb during the ultrasound. We will have to see if he remains a thumb sucker.
Things are going great. My 5-6 migranes per week are down to 1-2 per week. Accupunture seems to be the answer/solution. I am really excited that my weight gain so far has been only 5lbs. We will see if my eating right and exercise can keep the weight gain at a minimum. Enjoy the pictures of our little man.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Case of Chicken Little?

Please check this out. I have been doing lots of research on the H1N1 vaccine. This is great information from a neurosurgeon. Pretty crazy that President Obama won't even vaccinate his family with the H1N1 shot. I am NOT getting this vaccine and neither is Brooklynn. I wish I didn't get the flu shot and I am not getting the flu shot for Brooklynn. Here are a few things that got my attention:
1. The proteins in the vaccine have NEVER been used in humans before
2. You are more likely to get the Swine Flu if you receive the regular flu vaccine
3. President Obama has not taken the vaccine and neither has is wife. He also will not say if his children received it or not! (Maybe he has more research then what the public is given!!!)

Here is a link to the article: Swine Flu -- One of the Most Massive Cover-ups in American History
Here is the discussion - worth your time to listen to it!!!

Here is his website with a lot more useful information on the Swine Flu and vaccines: Dr. Blaylock
I am corrected looks like Obama's daughters and wife were vaccinated. Click here

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Hope everyone has a great halloween! We took Brooklynn trick or treating in Oak Creek last Saturday. She went the entire time and didn't want it to end. We have trick or treat this Saturday in our neighborhood, so Nick is taking her again and I will stay and hand out candy.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Big Girl Room and Bathroom

We have been busy to say the least. We redecorated the bathroom and moved Brooklynn into her big girl room. Poor Nick has been very bust the last two weeks working every waking hour he is home. But, it is all finished now and we are DONE!!!! Horray!! I love how Brooklynn's princess room turned out. We are still waiting on her bookshelf that I ordered. It should be in the first week of November. Here is a picture of it.

Here are pictures of her room. My best friend and I are in the process of making her curtains.

And here are pictures of our bathroom finally painted and no more wallpaper!!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Fall already?

Where has the time gone? I blinked and all of a sudden fall is here and it is 1 day away from October. WOW!
Well I had my first OB appointment on 9/16. We had an ultrasound and looks like I am 1 week behind according to the ultrasound. So my official due date is May 7, 2010. Here is a picture of our little bean.

I go to meet with a nutritionist tomorrow to help me with my diet so that I can do my best to prevent edema and the beloved (HA!) shrek feet this time around! Proactive is key! I also have my next OB appointment on Friday. I have been feeling pretty good. I have my bouts of nausea and food aversions but nothing really horrible. I have really been making an effort to get my workouts in and since then the nausea has improved a lot!

On the Brooklynn front -she is as good as it gets! She is defiantly in a testing mode and we have been having some issues with her biting and hitting me. It has improved since I try not to react as much and put her straight in a time out and then divert her attention afterwards. She has been asking me to go to "Gymbo" class all the time - so I enrolled her in the session that starts in November. I am also taking her to see The Wiggles on the 18th. I even got my parents to go so I don't have to take her downtown by myself during the day. She is super excited about that! She knows and says more and more every day. She continues to amaze me with how much she is absorbing. Today on the way back from the chiropractor she recited word for word the Brown Bear, Brown Bear book only leaving out the red bird, yellow duck and green frog. She nailed all the other animals and said it word for word! Wish I had the video camera!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Brooklynn Singing

Enjoy! I think she will be ready for American Idol in 5 years....

Guess What!!!!!

Yes I am pregnant!! Super excited. I go for my 8 week appointment on Wednesday the 16th. I think I will get an ultrasound. Yipeee! I am feeling pretty good just get a bit nauseous in the afternoons and have been getting really tired. Other than that I can not complain. My due date (according to the due date calculators) is April 30th. I will get a more accurate due date when I go to the doctor on the 16th. I feel so fortunate that God has blessed us again!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Something to Make you Smile!!!

This is so funny! I had to post it. I will post an update later.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shutterfly Book

I am so EXCITED!! I created a photo book of Brookie's photo shoot. It is free because of a promotion they have. You get a free 8x8 hard cover book if you use the code "SUMMERBOOK".

Click here to view this photo book larger

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 Year Photos

Here are some of Brooklynn's photos from today. It was hard work but they turned out great!!!

Buy Digital Prints

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Buy Digital Prints

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pool Anyone???

I couldn't wait to post pictures of my creation for my Grandpa's Birthday. His birthday was Wednesday but we will see him along with my Dad's family at the wilderness this weekend. He loves to play pool. So I made him......

And since there is quite a few of us I had to make more,(everyone gets to eat one) so I did CR Industries cupcakes. CR is the company that he and my Dad's family owns. Here is the logo....

And here are how the cupcakes turned out....

Off to the Dells

Tomorrow afternoon we are off to the Wilderness for our annual Weisflog Weekend. Nick is SUPER excited, go figure he golfs two days in a row! I am also very excited and cannot wait to play with Brooklynn in all the fun pools and kid areas. She loves water and has been in our pool a few times this year. She loves to wear her life jacket and float on her own. She is also starting to put her face in the water and blow bubbles. I am sure she will have a blast. I will take lots of pictures and post them when we get back.

Here are some pictures from the Weisflog Family reunion on August 2nd. Brooklynn had so much fun playing with her 2nd cousin Colton and the bubbler.

Colton - What a cutie!

Here is Brooklynn watering the flowers

My Roses

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Swinging Monkey

I am so proud of Brooklynn. We enrolled her in Parent & Tot Tumbling class at Midwest Twisters. Today was her last July class so they let us down on the "big kids" floor. Brooklynn had a blast running around and jumping on the huge trampoline. She even swung across the ball pit. She held on to the bar really tight and didn't fall off. I didn't think she would do it since she is one of the younger kids in her class and the bar was about 4 feet above the pit and swung about 10 - 12 feet out. She was so proud and wanted to do it again. She is my little dare devil! Wish I had my camera!!! We signed her up for the August session so she is super excited that she can keep going to her "exercise" class. (That is what she calls it)

My Ed Hardy Fairy Princess

I am taking her to the lighthouse either this week or next for her 2 year photo shoot with Mom. Can't wait!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Keeping Busy

I am totally swamped at work - hence no blogging! So here are a few things to make you smile. Brooklynn has been really keeping me on my toes lately. Sunday she took her diaper off and flushed her poopies down the toliet all by herself without me knowing, while I was changing our sheets. She managed to not make a mess too - I was totally floored when I walked to the bathroom to see why she had flushed the toliet! I almost didn't beleive her when she said "Mommy I flushed my poopies" but she must have, the evidence of a skid mark in her diaper proved it! If only she would go on the potty before she started going! She also now strips completley naked when she wakes up from her nap and if I don't hear that she is up in time that means an accident and another load of wash! Enjoy some pictures of her other "fun things".

How she decided to eat a cupcake...

She enjoyed an afternoon bath after her cupcake hair treatment....

What happend when I thought she had my blush brush when I was quickly putting on my mascara....(Had to scrub the black eyeliner off with makeup remover - YIKES!)

And lastly check out my new cupcake project. They are for my Grandma K and Nick's Grandma Harvey's birthday. (Nick's maternal Grandma and my maternal Grandma have the same birthday!)

Happy Birthday Grandmas!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cupcake Cakes

Brooklynn's birthday party was a hit! She had such a great time. Thank you to everyone for making it such a special party for her. Here are some pictures of her cakes I made. More pictures to follow.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Two Years old!

My little angel turned 2 on Monday!!! We were on vacation up at the lakehouse. She had a great day - besides falling through the glass table in the morning. (Thank you Uncle for grabbing her right away!) Lucky enough only a scratch on her ribs and no stiches!!! Her "Cupcake" Birthday is Sunday night. She is very excited and can not wait to have her party!

Looking back: 1 year old