Friday, April 25, 2008

Welcome to Home Depot

Well we are finally doing more home improvements. We are shopping windows and are for sure getting a bay window for our big front picture window and 2 double hung windows for our kitchen. Our windows are very bad. The picture window rattles and has a high pitched whistle when it is windy. We had to keep a space heater in the front room this winter because it was so drafty and it doesn't open most of the time, when I finally get it open it usually all of a sudden slams shut it's own. Our two kitchen windows are AWFUL! They are not even glass they are plexi-glass! They also do not operate most of the time. It is nearly impossible to get them open first of all (especially since "someone", whom shall remain nameless, took it upon them self to remove the handles) and once you struggle to get it open you have to prop it open with a stick. Now I know everyone has had windows like this, but I am going to have Brooklynn walking around soon and I do not want to worry about a window slamming shut on her hands. We went to Home Depot to price out the windows for our bedrooms and left with a front door. It is actually really nice and just what we wanted. We have been looking for a while and this was a really good deal. So we will paint it this weekend and Nick will install it with my Dad and Brother next weekend. We will finally be able to get rid of our front screen door which I have had to put scotch tape over the holes in the screen to prevent unwanted bugs from entering. We will be able to replace it with my Grandparents K old screen door that is way nicer than one we would have bought! Thanks Nana & Bapa! I will post some pics of our new improvements. I think you know you are getting old when you are excited for new windows and door because they will look and function better and also decrease your utility costs!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Meet Bob...My Trainer

Yes, Brooklynn and I have hired a personal trainer to help get me in shape. Only 10 lbs to go to pre-pregnancy weight and they sure are stubborn! So we got a jogging stroller (it's a Bob stroller). Brooklynn wants to either be crawling or walking (holding someone’s hands) around so she will not sit in her saucer long enough for me to jog. When she sleeps I need to be working and I get up early to work also so working out early in the morning is out of the question. So the solution the stroller! Let's just say her and I LOVE IT! It is a lot harder running outside than on the treadmill. I am sore and so excited! I think this is what I needed. I can take Brooklynn with so I have no excuses. Watch out 10 lbs you are outta here! Once I concur the 10 lbs only 10 more to go to get to where I want to be!

Can I just add that the teething monster has entered my house and posses my child everyday for hours at a time. Poor baby and poor Mommy! I am up with her on a good night 2 times per night, her nap times are cut in half, she's fussy and starting to have a temper. She is still a perfect angel 85% of the time, but the 15% she is possessed by the teething monster is en

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

9 Month Photo Shoot

We had our monthly photo shoot yesterday. It isn't as easy now that Brooklynn is so curious and all over the place. It still turned out cute. I posted the pictures to Flickr.

Well Miss Brooklynn can feed herself now. Yesterday she had small pieces of bread, chicken, noodles, string cheese and cheerios. She picks them up and gobbles them up! She is so proud. What a big girl!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Rain, rain and more rain. The good thing about the rain is Brooklynn is taking really good naps today J

I am so happy that I called pampers and complained that when I went to go put a diaper on Brooklynn – the tab ripped right off, 4 times! I had to throw out 4 non-used diapers! They are sending me two $10 off coupons! YES!

Did any of you watch last night on channel 12 at 9pm – The Last Lecture with Diane Sawyer? Wow, Wow is all I can say. I seen him on Oprah and was totally moved by his message and was even more moved by the special. What an amazing person and what a spectacular philosophy. Really makes you think when you think you have it rough or are having a “bad” day. There is so much to be said about living in the present moment and being TRULY grateful for your amazing blessings. Here is his lecture if you haven’t seen it yet. He also wrote a book that was released today. May God bless his family and help guide them through this time.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

9 Months ALREADY?

If only my pregnancy flew by like the first 9 months of Brooklynn’s life! I can not believe it. Well she celebrated her 9 month birthday by cutting another tooth. Yes, her other front bottom tooth is breaking through. I think her teeth coming in are bothering her. So far the last 3 nights she wakes up at 2am crying, the only way to get her to go back to sleep is to feed her. Then she wakes up again at 6am crying but yet super sleepy, so I hold her and we both sleep for another hour together. I know, I know, I shouldn’t probably be feeding her and I shouldn’t let her sleep on me but what do you do with a baby that cries? Anything to make them happy! (I have been spoiled with her sleeping through the nights – I am tired with getting about 1.5 hours less sleep DARN!)

Spring is finally here! Brooklynn and I took advantage of the warm 68 degree weather yesterday and played with her Cinderella bubble machine. Unfortunately it was a bit too windy so the machine wasn’t producing tons of bubbles like I had imagined. What do you expect with an $8 bubble machine?

Walking, crawling, and walking. That is all little Miss Brooklynn wants to do. She loves the walker we borrowed from Grandma Joyce (thank you!) When she is sick of that she wants someone to walk her around, and then when you set her on the ground to play with her, she turns you into a jungle gym, crawling, rolling and standing all over you! Funny thing she starting doing – when she is in the walker she goes into our bedroom and steals our throw pillow if it is on the ground. She “walks” (rolls her walker) all over the house carrying it and then stops and rests her head on it. I have to get a picture of her doing that. I finally uploaded more pics to Flickr.