Thursday, June 18, 2009

What happened already today...

 Worked

 Cut the grass while Brooklynn played in her sand/water table. Brooklynn got soaked!!.

 Took Brooklynn to the park. Got hit on by a 7 year old who greeted me with a “Hello Hot Mama” and then showed me where he lived and begged me to come over for ice cream. He yelled “yes, I made a hot girlfriend as he rode away.” Oh my – what do you say to that except laugh!

 Lunch

 While I was checking work emails – Brooklynn got into my makeup and had foundation all over her stomach and face.

 Gave Brooklynn a bath since she was now full of dirt and makeup.

 Brooklynn made little poopies in the tub!

 Now – she is napping and I am going to work. Wish I could nap!!!

Beautiful day!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekends - baby wash/lotion Update

Beautiful weather = Lots of fresh air!!! We have been able to enjoy the last 2 weekends at Lake Winnebago.(Our weekend is Thursday night through Friday for Nick and Saturday morning for Brookie and I) We fish, boat, jet ski and play outside. I officially caught the first 2 fish. Go Ruchell! I caught 2 sheepheads or aka fresh water drum fish. Still fun to catch. Enjoy the new pictures.

The all natural and organic baby wash and lotions are working great! Brooklynn's eczema is pretty much gone. I have also started to make my own baby wipes. Super easy and really a lot cheaper than buying them, and I know they are all natural!!! Crazy story that convinced me: Brookie was playing one night and we thought she tooted, I asked her is she tooted or needed a change and she said no change just toot. So Nick and I let her play for another 40 minutes. Before bed, Nick changed her and she had pooped! A bumpy red raised rash already set in! Nick was using the homemade baby wipes to clean her off, and since it was super messy quickly grabbed the regular pamper wipes to get more wipes easier and faster. As soon as he used the pamper wipes she screamed and cried. She told us it hurt. So Nick went back and used the homemade wipes and she said "Thanks Daddy, all better". I put the California baby calendula cream on her rash and the next morning it was completely gone! I am sold! I wish I had done this since she was born! BTW - Viva paper towels work great for the homemade baby wipes! Here is the recipe I use.

Baby Wash Recipe #2
2 TBSP Baby Wash all natural
2 TBSP Olive Oil or 1 TBSP Calendula Oil
2 Drops Tea Tree essential Oil
2 drops of essential Lavender Oil
2 Cups Water
Mix well in a spray bottle or your wipes box. Spritz on wipe before using if in spray bottle. Swish solution around over wipes if using a wipes box. Tea Tree Oil has lovely disinfectant properties along with its wonderful, clean smell.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What I am pondering...

Organic, paraben free, phthalate free products especially baby care products, seems to be a buzz lately. It was first brought to my attention by Amy, Nick's cousin. After she had mentioned it I started researching and at the time I felt overwhelmed with all the info I found, so kept it in the back of my mind. This week I found a great site: Safe MaMa which got me thinking about it again. Brooklynn's skin is really sensitive. We have been using the Johnson and Johnson or store like brands and she does ok. However she ALWAYS has a bunch of small patches of eczema all over her arms, legs, butt and back. She tends to scratch and scratch these areas which get inflamed and sometimes bleed. I have read that the California Baby baby products prevent and heal eczema. The problem is it is EXPENSIVE and I am FRUGAL!!!
There may be hope - over the weekend my Aunt Lynn brought to my attention foam soap dispensers. She bought a couple and has used them for her dish soap, hand soap, bath and shampoos. It has allowed her to only go through one container of Dawn in a year. THAT IS AMAZING!! It has tripled and quadrupled the time that her hand soaps and shampoos last. I found a great site that has these foam dispensers super cheap - they are like the one’s pampered chef sells but are for under $2 a dispenser(instead of $13 for one). Here is the link: Foam Dispensers

I have read you only put one part soap to 5 – 6 parts water in the foam dispensers. I am totally going to use the dispensers for our dish soap, hand soaps and body washes to save $$$. Since I found a way for bath soaps to last, I figure I can try the safe baby products, since a little can go a long way.

Here is what I am going to try. I am going to get Brooklynn the California Baby or Burts Bees line of "SAFE" baby products. I will try it with the foam dispenser to make it last longer. I will see if it makes a difference with her skin. I am also trying the Burts Bees body wash and lotion on me. I have red bumps on my upper arms that showed up really bad after I had Brooklyn. I have tried everything to get rid of them and nothing works. I have read that it can be an allergy to soaps. I will make sure to report back with my findings.
Here is a link to a great cheat sheet at about bath products. Safe baby Products Cheat Sheet
It is scary when you start researching it.... Ok off to Target so we can start today. ( They carry the Burts Bees and California Baby line along with other safe baby products.