Monday, September 29, 2008

Ahhh M-O-U-S-E !

The title of this post says it all. We had a little furry friend living with us. Of course once I seen the signs of him, we set traps and cleaned up the "presents" he left behind. He is no longer with us - THANK GOSH! How creepy and gross! I am searching the house for how he got in....

Sorry for no updates - I am SUPER swamped at work. Brooklynn is doing well. We go for her follow up check up on the 7th. Her stiches are almost gone. She is starting to teeth again - and is getting some molars! I can tell they bother her - I feel so bad! I am sure it will be better once they pop through.

I finally gave in and joined Cardinal Fitness. It is really resonable and they have a daycare. I am planning on going before Nick and Brooklynn wake up - but if I don't I can always put her in the daycare. Bye Bye POUNDS!

Happy RAINY week to everyone!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Who does she look like?

Lately everyone seems to have an opinion of who Brooklynn looks like. It is funny because my family thinks she looks like me when I was a baby and Nick's family thinks she looks like him when he was a baby. I personally think and hope she is good mix of both of us and looks like herself. So here you go - here is a baby picture of Nick and I. My picture is first and Nick's is second. You decide.

And of course here is a picture of Brooklynn...

I think Brooklynn is cuter than both of us! LOL

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fun in the Sun

What a gorgeous day today! Brooklynn and I went outside to enjoy the weather and play with her new car! I have been looking for one of those little tyke push cars for the last 3 weeks on craigs list and had no luck. I should have known to ask Nick's Mom - Thanks to Grandma Joyce Brooklynn now has a push car to play with. She loves to open and close the door and beep the horn. She can scoot herself backwards in it - but hasn't figured out how to go forward yet.

Nana - Banana

Brooklynn is doing really great! Her cold is getting better and she is healing up wonderfully. Her vocabulary is really starting to develope. She has become quite the mocking bird; trying to copy what we are saying or even copying us when we are cheering or upset at the football games. I got some video of her eating her "nana" and doing her elephant noise. Nick is really working with her on all of her animal noises. She now does a elephant, puppy, duck, crab and a chicken. Enjoy the video!

Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Going Well

Just wanted to let everyone know that Brooklynn is doing well. I called the surgeon yesterday because she had a fever of 101. The surgeon thinks it is because Brooklynn is sick. She was going to call and give me a prescription for an antibiotic for her anyway. She doesn't want Brooklynn to get any sort of infection since she has a skull defect where part of the cyst was attached and deteriorating her skull. The antibiotic won't help her cold since the doctor thinks it is a virus. She gets the antibiotic 4 times per day for the next 7 days. I think the only thing bothering Brooklynn is her cough. She doesn't even notice her incision. She is running around and playing like normal.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All Done - Thank Goodness!

Well I will start off by saying Brooklynn is doing good.

Her surgery ended up taking 2 hours instead of the 45 minutes like they had told us. After she was in surgery for an hour we got a call from the nurse who was in surgery and said it is taking a bit longer because it turned out to be bigger than expected. Then another 45 minutes went by and we didn’t hear anything. I was beside myself so I asked the receptionist to find out what was going on. She told me that they were just finishing. Another 15 minutes went by and the doctor finally came out. She asked us to come in a private room to talk. I got really nervous – all the other doctors were just talking to the parents right in the waiting room, why was ours taking us in a separate room. I for a second was not wanting to hear what the doctor was going to say. The doctor told us that the cyst was round but had a worm like part that came of off it and went back towards her ear. When she got down to where it started, it was actually in her skull so she had to call in a cranial specialist surgeon to make sure that it hadn’t gone through her skull and into her brain. Thank god it wasn’t through her skull and they were able to remove all of it. The doctor said in rare cases the cyst can deteriorate the skull and that is what was happening in Brooklynn’s case. It is a VERY GOOD thing we had it removed before it became a bigger problem. They are sending the cyst out to get tested to make sure it is only a cyst. (This is standard practice) Her doctor is very confident that it is only a dermoid cyst.

Brooklynn is doing great. Once we left the surgery center she stopped hyperventilating and calmed down. She slept the entire ride home. Once we got home she ate her waffles and drank her milk and played. She is now taking a well deserved nap. Her stitches will dissolve – so I am SO EXCITED that we won’t have to get them removed. She should be all healed up in 10 days. THANK YOU to all who had us in your prayers today. She obviously had God watching over her making sure everything would be ok. Nick and I appreciate it immensely and couldn’t be happier that it is all over and our little blessing is home safe and sound. This entire ordeal really gives me a whole new appreciation for having a healthy child. I can not imagine what poor parents endure that have a child who is sick. It really makes you stop and think…..

Playing and Glad to be home!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Big Day

Well tomorrow morning Brooklynn has her surgery to have the cyst on her head removed. OMG, I am so nervous! I have had a headache for 3 days and all day today my stomach was and still is doing flips. I guess I am worried. I know in my heart everything will be fine. I just can't help feeling like I want to skip the entire thing. I know she needs to have it removed. It is just scary that they will be putting my 14 month old under full anesthesia and when she wakes up she will have stitches and be in pain. It is also a bit unsettling that they are 99% sure that this growth is a benign cyst, for some reason that 1% is really bothering me tonight. I just don't want her to be in any pain or scared. I am so grateful to all family and friends who have told us they will be praying and thinking about us. We appreciate it. I have a feeling I will not be getting much sleep tonight.

This is her new vest - that she loves to wear!

On a happier note - I have a funny story. Brooklynn is now no longer walking places, she RUNS. By run I mean to the point that it is getting harder to catch her. I was down at the outlet Carters store last week, getting her some fall/winter clothes. She was getting cranky in the stroller so I took her out and tried on a zip up vest. No sooner I took the vest off of her and put it on the hanger; she ran away and was gone. I could hear her laughing but couldn't see her because she was running under the 2 tier clothing racks. Thank God it was only my Mom and I in the store. Finally after a couple minutes went by and nearly having a panic attack, I found her by the "shoeshs" (that’s how Brooklynn says shoes)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

I hope every one enjoyed the wonderful weather this Labor Day weekend. We sure did. Our weekend was filled with music, parties and food! We were busy but got to spend a lot of time with family.

Friday we took a bike ride, as a family, to the park and played at the playground. It was a lot of fun. Brooklynn loved climbing up and down all the stairs and then going down the slide. She also really liked swinging on the swings with me.

Later Friday we went to Lions Fest with my parents and Brooklynn to listen to Chason Mason. While we were waiting for them to play, Brooklynn got to meet the sausages from Miller Park. Luckily we ran into Nick’s cousin Amy there and she took a picture for us of Brooklynn and Nick with the sausages. I can’t believe I forgot my camera. Saturday we went out to Eagle for my cousin’s 14th Birthday party. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. Brooklynn got to play all day with all her cousins and had a blast. She got a ride in a go-cart and a ride in a Barbie jeep!

Sunday we went out to Pewaukee for the day with my parents to spend time with my Grandparents W. It was nice to relax, fish and go for a boat ride. Monday we got to see my Grandparents K at my parent’s house for dinner. We had “Outback” steaks. My brother has this recipe it tastes just like the steaks at the restaurant – it was DELICIOUS! Well it is off to bed for me, work tomorrow!