Monday, January 26, 2009


Yuck! I got the flu bug at 5am Saturday morning. Nothing like not eating all weekend to help jump start my diet! I am at least able to function today, just really tired and not ready to really eat yet. Brooklynn woke up Friday morning with puke in her bed, but no fever. She had the runs until last night, but seems back to normal today, and HUNGRY. She ate a whole pancake and a small bowl of cheerios and milk. I really think I may consider the flu shot next year - I thought I was dying on Saturday..... Hope everyone else had a better weekend!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Almost done....

Our bathroom will be useable finally on Thursday. We grouted this morning and Nick and Justin are sealing it tomorrow. It turned out great! here are some pictures.

I started my Pilates class last night. Ouch is the word of the day! My core is SO WEAK! I love it though. 9 more classes to go!

Why is it when you want to get a cute picture of your kid it never works? I have been trying to get a picture of her for Regis & Kelly's cutest baby contest for 3 days now... No Luck!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Here is a cute picture of Brooklynn playing with her cousin Nathan. It is amazing how well Brooklynn played with Nathan.

Here are some pictures of the bathroom so far. They are finishing up the tile before Nick goes to work this morning and then grouting tonight. Looks great guys! (They are working so hard!)
This is going to be a built in shelf.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Demo Weekend

This weekend Nick (with the help of some AWESOME friends - thanks JP and Tim!) is redoing our bathtub and surround. They are ripping out our old nasty surround and replacing it with tile, we are also getting a new tub! Yeah! SO far so good, Brooklynn and I are spending our time at my Mom's since it is quite noisy and not safe with dangerous tools everywhere at my house. I will be sure to post pictures when it is finished - hopefully tomorrow! I am very excited and can't wait to rip down the wallpaper in the bathroom and redecorate it. I am totally into the browns and have had fun thinking of what to do in there. It is so small it should be easy!

I had a girls night out last night. It was so needed and long coming! I went to a Lia Sophia party first,(that stuff is great and pretty - I ended up booking a party so that I can get some cool jewelry and have another girls night! Plus for the month of January they have a special buy 1 get 2 half off - and you pay full price for your cheapest item! My party is Jan 30th - mark your calendars!) Then after the Lia Sophia party Jamie and I met our friend Amy at Applebee’s for some drinks. How fun to be able to have a few drinks, have adult conversation and not worry about your kid(s)! I feel refreshed and relaxed today from my nice little break!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finally Pictures

Here are some pictures of Brookie when we were playing in the snow.

All bundled up...

Playing in the snow....

All tuckered out after playing so hard....

Here are a few pictures from our 4-wheeling weekend in Menasha on Lake Winnebago.
My Dad, CJ, Nick and I out in the middle of the Lake ice fishing and drinking "slush" beer...( see how far out we are.. I walked all the way there since they left with out me before I got home. It didn't seem so far until I started walking and felt like I was going no where!)

Making Snow Angels


Showing Brooklynn how to sled... LOL

Getting ready to go 4-wheeling!!!

Huge piece of ice out on the lake by the break.

More pictures are on Flickr....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Same Snow Different Day

Computer update - The computer doctor was able to fix my computer. Turns out, nothing majorly wrong with my actual computer. The problem was my extra media hard drive which I store all my pictures and videos on. I am retarded and only have all my pictures from 2008 in 1 spot - my media drive. Lucky for me the "computer doctor" was able to fix my media drive so I didn't lose my pictures/video. (Thank God! I would have had a mini break down if I lost all pictures from 2008 seeing as I haven't developed pictures since last MARCH!) SO I get my computer back tomorrow already and have to do a better job of "backing up" so I don't get stuck with the sad Mac face syndrome (like Carrie in Sex and the City for those Sex and the City lovers...) I need to start looking at getting another hard drive to back up my stuff on since the computer doc doesn't think my media drive is reliable. So stay tuned for updated PICTURES tomorrow!

OK enough tech talk – that’s kind of boring! Brooklynn is so much more fun to read and talk about. My little girl – she’s not a baby anymore, is copying everything. She tells me when I should vacuum and shows me where to put it away when I am done. She also helps with dusting and cleaning up. She is OBSESSED with making sure everything is exactly where it is supposed to be. For example, a little girl came over and turned one of her rose petal cottage cushions upside down. Brooklynn stopped clamoring to my leg walked over and turned her cushion up right and them came back and reattached herself to my leg. I think she is going to have some of my OCD tendencies. She also tells me “no” and mocks me when I tell her “No,No,No” by coping me and even shaking her finger right back at me. She is in LOVE with any show where there is signing like Barney and The Wiggles (Some one please help get those songs out of my head!) She loves to try to write her ABC’s and tries to count to 3 (she can get to two!) I can not believe how quick she is developing and changing every day. I swear she says or does something new everyday now. I am trying to soak her up so that I can remember her being this little since it is going so fast!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Computer Woes

Computers are great - when they work. My computer is kind of broken. I am unable to access my photos or save them (the reason why I haven't posted any pictures from our 4-wheeling weekend) The computer doctors are picking up my computer tomorrow afternoon to **fingers crossed** fix it. I will hopefully have it back by Sunday and be able to post pictures then. Check out this free malware download program. It found 9 infected viruses on my computer that my anti virus software didn't find. Malware Bytes

Brooklynn news: She has become very attached to her "NuNu" (nuki / pacifier) and her bear. She is teething again and I am hoping that is why she wants her NuNu most of the time. Other than that she has been really good and doing a LOT of talking! She is always trying to say something and gets very upset when you don't know what she is saying!

Get your shovels out up to 6 inches of SNOW on it's way tomorrow!