Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shutterfly Book

I am so EXCITED!! I created a photo book of Brookie's photo shoot. It is free because of a promotion they have. You get a free 8x8 hard cover book if you use the code "SUMMERBOOK".

Click here to view this photo book larger

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 Year Photos

Here are some of Brooklynn's photos from today. It was hard work but they turned out great!!!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pool Anyone???

I couldn't wait to post pictures of my creation for my Grandpa's Birthday. His birthday was Wednesday but we will see him along with my Dad's family at the wilderness this weekend. He loves to play pool. So I made him......

And since there is quite a few of us I had to make more,(everyone gets to eat one) so I did CR Industries cupcakes. CR is the company that he and my Dad's family owns. Here is the logo....

And here are how the cupcakes turned out....

Off to the Dells

Tomorrow afternoon we are off to the Wilderness for our annual Weisflog Weekend. Nick is SUPER excited, go figure he golfs two days in a row! I am also very excited and cannot wait to play with Brooklynn in all the fun pools and kid areas. She loves water and has been in our pool a few times this year. She loves to wear her life jacket and float on her own. She is also starting to put her face in the water and blow bubbles. I am sure she will have a blast. I will take lots of pictures and post them when we get back.

Here are some pictures from the Weisflog Family reunion on August 2nd. Brooklynn had so much fun playing with her 2nd cousin Colton and the bubbler.

Colton - What a cutie!

Here is Brooklynn watering the flowers

My Roses